08 March 2010


Monday. You people go to work today, huh? Well, for the next few months I have to use a cane to walk normally (but still it's pretty awkward, to be honest), and I didn't go to college (well, I did kinda go but then I quit - and then I had to sign up for another year because...well, it's a long story) so I eek out my living as a proud union laborer. But since I can't really walk so good for a while, I can't exactly labor very well.  I'm not complaining - just speaking facts - and the facts are that most of you are working today.  Because it's Monday. And I am not. Because I can't walk so good. WORK // DEATH. Grim but true, ain't it? We all do it, in some form of another, it's what we have to do to survive, but isn't that just a fukkn shitsystem? If only there were another way, but there fucking isn't, is there? I got this tape at Amoeba last week when my pal Lugs was in town (hi dude, miss you, can't wait till you live here, you rule). It was in the Metal section, but methinks someone misplaced the shit, because this Providence band are all fukkn noise, baby. Think THROBBING GRISTLE in the vibe department, but the result here is something akin to what NEUBAUTEN might have sounded like had they just created noise with no percussion. These two tracks are brilliant chaotic 16 minute industrial drones. Perfect to listen to while you are at your job.

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