28 February 2015


I keep wanting to call UDÜSIC "feisty." If you wanna break down their riffs, then the songs are pretty straightforward, but the guitars are anxious, like they want to get the song over with so they can go drink or something...and Sarah's vocals want to be catchy but it sounds like she's too pissed to pull it off. Check the beginning of "Mature" (the whole song, really) - it's the laid back number on the demo but it's teeth are like fangs and the swinging guitars are more like the sound track to a knife fight. Also, the OUT COLD cover is next level sickness. I guess when I wanted to call them feisty, the word I was really looking for was "punk."


Anonymous said...

I know some resist playing the "former members of..._ game, but these folks look real familiar. What bands were they in before?

Sarah said...

HPP (Olympia), Calendar Boys, Pink Slip. Our old bassist pictured here, but no longer in the band, was in Duress.

Anonymous said...

What's the band name mean out of curiosity?