08 February 2015


The vocals are what grab me, throaty and fukkn pissed and so unmistakably '90s. Post NYHC and pre "hardcore/thrash revival," there was some really excellent music that history seems to gloss over with asinine statements like "there were no good bands from the '90s," and there are boxes in closets full of demos like this one that prove those statements wrong. Emotional and powerful, heavy and determined, plenty of groove in the most positive way imaginable. "Let Go" is the standout track, a slow creepy crawl that sets a mood equally harsh and dark, topped with tinny guitars and those nasty vocals dropping seriously heavy knowledge. New Jersey, man...New Jersey.

Can you feel my anger? // Can you feel my pain? // Can you feel my hate? Because I can // This world, this life, feeds my fire and it's burning bright // taken all I can // Swallowed all the shit // Tasted all the hate...now I let go

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