16 February 2015


I've been in several bands and played lots of different shows in different places. It would be impossible for me to say "this one show was the best show I've ever played," or been to, or seen, or whatever, because there are so many different factors that make shows appeal to different parts of the ears, the brain and the soul. But the show RITUAL CONTROL played in Mexico City in December was right up there....everything was right, it was an awesome night, and CADENAXO was a huge part of it. We knew we were gonna play with TERCER MUNDO and MUERTE, so obviously we were stoked, but the criminally short blast from the final ESPECIE FALLIDA song when we arrived (we were late) let me know that this night was going to be extra good. ANTI SEX were stellar, SACRIFICIO shredded...and then there was CADENAXO. I mean, perhaps it's just hardcore...right? But sometimes there's something different and, maybe it's just because you aren't expecting whatever it is you're about to get (and for whatever reason, we were NOT expecting CADENAXO that night), and everything just clicks. These kids bash out perfectly executed US hardcore, nailing all the breakdowns, all the guitar breaks, the harmonics, the intros, the fukkn power of hardcore - and never once do they feel, sound, or seem like they are going through the motions. Sink your teeth into the breakdown in "Prejucios," and then dig the simple (perfect) bass in the intro to "Reaccionar" (naw, bruh - peep that whole damn track, cuz the mosh in that one melts the whole rest of this tape, foo!) - these fukkn maniacs know exactly what they are doing. I'm not telling you that you have to get into this shit, because you are your own human and you will get into whatever the fukk you want to get into...I'm just telling you that this tape is really good if you like hardcore. And I'm telling you that when I saw them play in DF....? That was sick.

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nicolai said...

Can't stop listening to this! This tape is such a fucking ripper!