12 February 2015


How many thousands of "bands" like this have dropped demos that flew under the radar and then anonymously fell to the ground? SHADOWED VEIL were a two piece bedroom anarcho outfit from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and this 30 minute offering is nothing if not compelling. TG styled proto industrial noise with CRASS politics and awkward moments of rudimentary dark punk...the fact that this is a winner is a complete accident. Tracks like "E" and "The Children's War" would be complete schlock with a different production, but in this environment it sounds like sheer success. A glorious collision between raw 4-track punk, noise and art. Standout track: "Blood Blister Coitus."

And adding to the appeal of this tape is the mystery that lurks behind the SHADOWED VEIL. Only presented as ETC..., I figure this half hour of noise and samples and manipulations was created by the duo responsible for the SV sounds, but without any of the punk leanings. Just pure, primitive and dark sounds ranging from psychedelic loops (track 09 and the eleven minute closer) to harsh noise (tracks 02 and 05) to ominous dirges (track 11) and general weirdness (basically the rest of the tracks). In a way, I find this more compelling than the SHADOWED VEIL material simply because it's more mysterious, but either side would be a swell find on its own...and to find them both inside one little plastic shell? That is what you call victory.

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