14 February 2015


These Santa Rosa mutants blipped onto my radar when STERILE MIND shared a living room with them a few months back. Teenage energy driving songs constructed by old ass souls trying to break free from the constraints of moronic hardcore. Two demos from 2014 in the file today, the rawer Mother Was A Baby (the title track surely channels Ginn during the slow part, but that super simple riff that brings the song back to hardcore is just....they nailed it, and you are welcome to drool over the guitar sound in "Here In My Room") and Fuck Freek, which shows them starting to hone their approach (The track "Freak" is probably a tough one to pull off live, but it is stellar on this demo). Hard to put this one in a box, which is exactly what you get when you pile up a bunch of young punks with slightly different ideas of what they want to be....sometimes that combination falls flat on its pimply face, but these kids are on point and getting better. 

Not coincidentally, NO STATIK is playing Santa Rosa tonight with LIVING EYES, SKIN LIKE IRON, WALLFLOWER and SPELLS. Then next Friday we share a house in Long Beach with ACRYLICS, RATS IN THE WALL, FRAUDE and GENERACION SUICIDA. Methinks the next seven days are bookended nicely...

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Anonymous said...

I like your description of the Acrylics , Santa Rosa. , I have had the pleasure of hearing them live at four different venues . Gets better everytime. thank you!