26 February 2015


1988 hardcore from San Diego County - a tenuous attack from a tuneless, over-overdriven guitar (that would be better suited on a DISORDER record) that sounds especially out of place backed by thunderous drums. Snotty '80s HC vocals (check out "Secret Society," vocals are perfect) from the future BUCK-O-NINE frontman (there's someone from UNWRITTEN LAW in the mix as well), bordering on crossover thrash but the music never quite lets him get there. Confidential ain't gonna change your world and perhaps this is for the overly curious and/or completists only, but my world is filled with under the radar second tier hardcore...and this pretty much hits the spot. But second tier or not, the guitar break in "CID" is fukkn screaming.

we are victims of society // labeled victims, can't you see?!

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