25 February 2015


Walked into a living room in Santa Rosa a few months back and was pleasantly surprised to see a wall of gear lined up along one wall, indicating that all five bands would be using the same equipment (this makes shows run waaay smoother kids). And then I looked behind the table lamp in the opposite corner and was even more pleased at the pile of knobs and machines and noise makers assembled and plugged into a couple of small amps - these suburban punks and transient weirdos were gonna get treated to some fukkn noise, and I was gonna love it. RAE PUS BARA BUS started the show with a mind melting, fishnet laden, neck goiter bursting explosion delivered at a deafening volume and about a quarter of the attendees were at least intrigued (if not enthralled) while most chilled outside and took advantage of the garbage can full of Keystone Ice that was available for our enjoyment and lubrication. Count me among the former group, and if the bands that played that night hadn't been so damned good then that burst of noise might have been the highlight of my evening. But the bands were good, it was a great evening, and the dude with the fishnet and the thing on his neck that popped out when he screamed (which was often) hooked me up with two tapes of previous noise projects. CONJUGAL VISITS is one of those tapes - a fifteen minute journey through two rooms.

And rest assured that the image contained in the download features a non-pixellated image of the wiener going into the place where the poo comes out. You've been warned...

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