19 February 2015


Really tough to nail what these fools are going for, but if they wanted to make a punishing noise rock opus when they recorded When Your Friends Become Cops, then they fukkn nailed it. Ominous from the first note, and (inadvertently?) steering clear of virtually every cliché, this New York outfit sounds cool as fukk without trying to sound cool. What they are trying to do is bulldoze you with noisy guitars and riffs like molasses, all drowned in mystery and vocals that land closer to THE VSS than any band they will ever get compared to. As usual, I'm late to the game, and dribbling over a demo that was released a year ago...but my goal is not to give you what's new....my goal is to give you what's good. Listen to "Ask Girls" at maximum volume...CHAIN GANG GRAVE is good.


Anonymous said...

A chain of chains. If I sent you a Chane Rabbit demo from 1988 would you post it? It is absolute garbage.

the wizard said...

Without a doubt. Bring it on!