01 February 2015


John (former bandmate in Artimus Pyle, High On Crime and others) sent me this tape last year after seeing DISROTTED on tour. I was instantly pleased, because I feel like this is the band that JFF (former bandmate in High On Crime, ex-Kung Fu Rick) has wanted to play in for years...and it's really good. Absolutely disgusting and sinister doom from Chicago, DISROTTED set the stage with their opening riff, a riff that switches to single note speed picking (well, the painful sludge version of "speed") at the 1:51 mark to accompany blood curdling screams to let you know what you are really in for. Raw and chaotic throughout - a rehearsal recording doing constant battle with absolute sonic devastation, and I'm not quite sure who wins. Except you. You win by listening to this morose three song lump of negativity. Winning is a mixed bag, my friends...you're welcome.

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