24 February 2015


The combination of sounds doesn't sound like it even belongs on the same tape until a few minutes into this demo...but when it all clicks things start to get really sweet. Bouncy pogo drums keep ELECTROCUTIONER from going off the rails while a blown out bass rumbles and a teenage guitar struggles to be heard over gruff  Japanese-hardcore-meets-black-metal vocals cranks mercilessly high in the mix. The start/stop of "Undercover" is quick to remind you that these are not amateurs at work, and thankfully the plodding closer "Gentrified" comes after the listener has grown accustomed to the bizarre mix, because the shit is ominous as anything. It should come as no surprise that something this raw and catchy comes from our friends down south...the LA area is just killing it lately.


Matt Nauseous said...

Hey do I need to sign up for box to unzip that file or am i just doing something wrong on my end?

Anonymous said...

mine just works fine dude,dunno what the problem is - you dont have to sign up anyway.
but i have the same problem too with shrapnel three tracks demo. :/!