05 February 2015


Seminal late '80s Orange County thrash, ATTAXE cranked out a handful of demos during their run but never seem to have made the jump to wax. No matter for these ears, as the marriage of professional production and amateurish reproduction (in the form of cheap demos) is one that I fully endorse. Plenty of early METALLICA, both in the construction of the jams and the vocals, but these thrash maniacs are far from a run of the mill rehash, barreling through four breakneck headbangers packed with moshtastic breakdowns, monstrous backing vocals and flawless, screaming leads. The title track is the fukkn winner - an relentless fist banger that will leave you exhausted after just three minutes - while the closer "Crabs" is a classically moronic punk/thrash banger about parasitic testicular invaders...delivered with every ounce of the panache you would expect from a crew of thrashers from Brea, California. Picture me blasting this while riding to work this morning. 

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Unknown said...

More of a taste of Testament than Metallica.
By the way, thanx for your appreciated archivist's work.