18 February 2015


I don't go out of my way to post the noisy raw shit every Monday like I used to, but if I did then Halifax freaks LIFE CHAIN would be first in line. I know it's Wednesday...but you can pretend, right? And you can pogo your ass off when "Mind Pollution" starts, right? Perfect. Guitars fukkd right and proper, everything drenched in the wake of every pedal available at the pawn shop and high female vocals soaring over the whole mess, more suited for urgent anarcho punk and then raging assault that is "Nightmares," but they are fukkn perfect. DISCLOSE cover is legit, and the two EPs that have dropped since the release of this demo two years ago are well worth your time. Obviously, some punks have tired of this style but, when it's this sick, I don't give half a shit whether or not something is now, or ever was, en vogue. 

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