05 June 2014


I posted a couple of STATEMENT demos in the early days of The Escape (links I desperately need to repair, along with the several dozen requests currently languishing in my comments section....I will. I promise), but I might like this fifth demo even better. STATEMENT were a solo anarcho/activist project who spanned the musical spectrum over the course of their existence, and this collection of post punk and proto-indie oddities manages to capture slight bits of all of the weirdness that one Patrick Rat Poole conjured up over the years (presumably in his bedroom). "Strike Back" is the standout track, though this tape is so all over the place that there will probably be a different focus on every listen. Animal and human rights, well thought out politics in general, and generally catchy ditties make this 22 track cassette mandatory, and while the title reads Not For Punks, I would suggest that it should be for punks...but perhaps modern punks place the value of sound and status over that of content? Maybe STATEMENT was right after all.

The internet tells me that the man responsible for these quirky and out there bedroom anarcho sounds also did stints in CRACKED COP SKULLS and RIOT/CLONE which, oddly, makes sense. And yeah, I know that I linked this post to two older posts with dead links - I'll fix them really really soon. I swear.

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good to see this one up again had it on my blog good tape I have two other statement tapes you might not have they are statement/muted existence-split tape 85 and fair's can't fly 86 I can copy them for you so you can share them on your blog there two of his best's also have his first tape titled another statement when he was going by rat it sound's like rudimentary peni in parts the statement was great now rat is metal have that one as well genocidal justice i'll stick with his punk stuff way better melodies