24 June 2014


The 1:15 mark of "Lost In The Pleasures Of Moonlight" is a gloriously brilliant example of how punks can sometimes make better metal than hessians, a terrifying assault that only last a few seconds but knocks you on your heels...but doesn't prepare you for the xylophone solo that follows. And the xylophone solo totally makes sense, which is even weirder. IVES reminds me of those (almost punk sounding) early Norwegian black metal bands I heard in Aesop's room in 1995, which I think is their point. Not that IVES know who I am or that I lived in Aesop's room, but that they would like to sound like those seminal bands...except for the first few seconds of the title track where they would like to sound like MITB (super weird, but compared to a xylophone solo, not really that shocking).

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zhollows said...

Exactly the kind of punk's playing metal sound I like.