08 June 2014


These dudes did the West Coast a few weeks back with EU'S ARSE, and their criminally underattended show in SF was just pure devastation. It wasn't "tearing-down-the-walls" "smashing-everything-in-site" devastation (honestly, that does get old after a while), it was an arsenal of hyper speed UK pogo punk delivered with POISON IDEA caliber riffs. The devastation was in my head, and it stayed there for a week. This shit slays the fukk out of mindless Motörpunk ten times over, the true nuts and bolts of hardcore punk...gruff, angry, and catchy as all hell. 

Most of these tracks are culled from vinyl releases...releases that you now need.


Anonymous said...

rad rad rad band....speaking of mohicans do you mind put up again the raid cassette? i know some dude requested again so add mine to his as well.

oh,ps. i got a dsb demo from 93...do you know something about it? its not even on discogs :/ !

Luddy Sr. said...

Great tape man. Thanks!!