10 June 2014


Lest anyone think that yesterday's celebratory post indicated anything approaching a softening, I present to you this 16 minute, 98 track split cassette. 100% zero fidelity noise/grind blasts. Total and complete nonsense, mandatory listening for all maniacs with that crossed out music symbol logo thing tattooed on their bodies. And especially for those with said logo tattooed on their neck. I traded a CONQUEST FOR DEATH record for this tape while I was in Brazil....I feel like I won.

Physical copies from: cerebralputrefaction(at)yahoo(com)com


Anonymous said...

I released this tape (don't worry, you can whore it out online all you want). If you want a physical copy, email cerebralputrefaction [AT] yahoo [DOT] com.......if the person who runs this thing wants to add that to the original post, I won't rape a cat.

Anonymous said...

Hahah total axcx worship!

João Felipe said...

Hey man!
I'm the guy who traded this tape with you in CFD brazilian tour in Fortaleza.
So glad to see this on your blog!

Morte Lenta still active , my contact is: joaofelipelc@yahoo.com and dentepodirecords.blogspot.com.br .