06 June 2014


MUTANT VIDEO should be no stranger to Friends Of The Escape, and their latest effort is arguably even more...trying. The sound is uncomfortable, sparse and dark - and that is the point. This tape is shared with MEMORY SMOKER, fellow Escape veterans and (hopefully) familiar to fans of the weird, whose latest contribution is decidedly more subdued than their last - which somehow just makes it that much more difficult. I'm not sure if these are sounds or experiences, but I want to keep deciding over and over...preferably in the dark.

For all in the Bay Area, might I suggest that you attend the art and sound program presented tonight  by FEEDING. Of course today's post is in honor of this showing (one third of MUTANT VIDEO is also one half of FEEDING), and I have also breathed new life into two of the older PIG HEART TRANSPLANT posts in honor of the presentation (the Brain of PHT is the other half of FEEDING). EconoJam Records in Oakland. Attendance is highly recommended.

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