17 June 2014


New England brings up really fond memories in the context of my early touring days. There's the FAT DAY dudes, the show with ASSFORT in Cambridge, the PISSED OFFICERS, the New Bedford Mosh Crew, the shower interview that Dale Shadbegian did with the bass player from FAILURE FACE the day after he had a really weird day, seeing BUZZOV*EN in front of 50 people in Rhode Island, being ignored at a show with UNDERTOW, UNBROKEN and JASTA 14 in New Haven, a matinee with MANKIND? in Ithaca (technically not New England, but still...) involving chicken wings and a penis. Good times...really good times. I don't remember playing with DIVE or OPPOSITION, but I remember listening to this tape enough times in the van that I was honestly surprised when I popped it in last week and found that it still played. I may not know if we played with either of these bands, but I know that their version of '90s east coast hardcore makes me clench a  fist on the west coast in 2014. You can't fake honesty, and both of these bands attack hardcore in a naked and unpretentious manner that makes me more perhaps nostalgic than I feel comfortable admitting. 


The Boo said...

Nice! Forgot about that ASSFORT show. Amazing. Be stoked to see some DALTONIC upped on here!

chad stroup said...

i second the uploading of the daltonic demo if it's floating around. been years since i have heard that stuff. saw those guys once and they were pretty cool.

dive are one of the most underrated bands of the era. next to hatchet face, they are easily the best band from their area and era.