03 June 2014


I got a hair up my ass to rip a few metal tapes that I've had in the pile for a while. Since it's not my forte or my genre of choice, I tend to go on hunches and recommendations (or cool looking covers), but I have no idea how this OLD SKIN tape came into my possession. Whatever god, friend or band was responsible: Thank you. Five tracks of screaming black death, this is what I wanted VENOM to sound like after I had heard how evil and scary they were...but compared to OLD SKIN, VENOM are little more than glorified candy asses. This is pure filth, and a reminder that sometimes those hairs might be up my ass for a reason.

There is also a current vaguely metalcore band from Manchester called OLD SKIN who were kinda decent when I listened to them. And there is also a solo acoustic folks dude from St. Louis who calls himself OLD SKIN, and while I have to admit that the name probably fits the acoustic guy better than the other two. But the metal band from Seattle is still better.

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Anonymous said...

fucking hell,did you know if they got something out aside of this??
are they still active?