21 June 2014


This Shakin' Pagans demo on the A side is a pure rockin' burner, just vocals and guitar but shit is super edgy and even on slower numbers like "Drive Me To The Bottle" you get the impression that this cat has something cooking far beyond some proto-hipster retro country shits. This might start out as one man rockabilly meets Buddy Holly, but tracks like "Wasted Life" are undeniably punk as shit...and even more so in the context of 1986 Kentucky. Ashley gets a "full band" (or at least a full compliment of instruments recorded on a 4-track) on the flipside, and the shit gets darker...it also gets better (the "Hands Of Time" number is indescribably brilliant). I do not expect many of you to dive into this one, but those who do will be justly rewarded.

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K said...

The slower tunes are the real standouts. What a find!