23 June 2014


Sometimes I like hardcore to be ugly. OK, I guess I almost always like hardcore to be ugly unless I'm listening to OUTLAST or LIFES HALT. Midwestern ragers RASH fit the bill perfectly, I feel like this is what BLACK FLAG would sound like if they hadn't gotten pretentious and shitty (and they did, punk...admit it). Rough, nasty, frighteningly on point knuckle dragging punk rock. Yeah, it's good, and the two slow jams might even be better than the rippers. Stop whining, it's less than 15 minutes. Treat yourself to some serious fist through the wall jams.

Oh my, look at the time....oops. But I still got it in before midnight. 


Blacktooth said...

No problem knuckle-dragging over here... Maybe "Hyena" had me doing circle-pit windmills in my living room? Is that so bad? I didn't hurt anyone but my bookshelves. No harm, no foul. "cough, cough, cough..." Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Pretentious? Yeah, I'll give you that. Shitty? No way. In My Head is one of their best.