25 June 2014


It's almost hard to believe that this isn't a '90s Midwestern basement hardcore act (my first reference was DAMITOL and my lady friend agreed without hesitation, but I fear that will be lost on most of you...and that is a shame). There was a time when emotional punk was powerful as shit, and elements of what would become trite nü-metal were not only tolerated but welcomed. Of course that time was a long time ago, but it existed. And DEAD WRONG weren't from Indianapolis or Ohio or South Dakota, they were from England. But they were most definitely from the '90s, and while the whole tape is good,  "Broken Hope" is an absolute must listen for anyone who considers themselves a product of that decade's DIY hardcore scene.

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zhollows said...

Are you sure these guys aren't from Milwaukee circa 1991? Wow! Spot on with Damitol. Really good!