13 June 2014


Snagged this crucial comp in Portland a short while ago - it looked like it would be pretty cool and a brief glance at the included bands reinforced that initial impression, so I plunked down my $5 and got ready to party. As usual, I made an excellent decision. Apparently this is the product of a Portland by-way-of Boston resident, and the comp features mostly PDX and Boston bands as a result (a coupla jammers from France as well, though that fact confuses things in a geographical sense), but city/country of origin be damned because this tape is a total rager. MONGOLOID, BLOODKROW BOUTCHER, LA MISMA, SAVAGEHEADS, HAUTE COUTURE, SUNSHINE WARD, NO SIR I WON'T, LONG KNIFE, LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS...this thing is essentially a who's who of what's hot. Fave tracks, are THE HIT SENSATIONS' and the BLOODKROW electro cover by DIGITAL OCTOPUS (which is one of the best things I've heard all year). I can keep rambling if you like, or you can just listen for yourself.

Best Before '84 put this poster in my tape. It's too big to scan, so I took a picture of it. For you. Because I want you to have everything that you want. You're welcome.

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