22 June 2014


This thing is weird, but it sucked me in completely. Über sparse and distant folksy tunes with an cloud of subtle psychedelic noise floating over the top and seeping into their pores - while "98.Cleo" is the soundtrack to a front porch scene in a horror film, "97.Loops" is pure and glorious minimalism that bleeds into the subdued and hyper-controlled mania that is "96.RED RAYS AIM". For the approximately three (or less) Escape visitors who will get the reference, these sounds remind me vaguely of BENEATH THE LAKE...which is high praise. 20 minutes probably better suited for your evening than your morning.

And yeah, I know those are klansmen on the cover. And that hole in the one dude's chest? That's where 100 ALBUMS threaded a noose. I'm going to assume that was meant as art. Art that is really fukkn hard to file with the rest of my tapes.

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K said...

This is Amerika.