27 June 2014


One of the more underrated bands from the crop of Ohio '00 maniacs that brought us 9 SHOCKS, GORDON SOLIE, INMATES, MIDNIGHT and heaps of others. This five song banger takes Thrash2K energy and shoves it into the face of rampaging Japanese hardcore, and it's every bit as blistering as it should be considering the personnel involved. Shawn gave me this tape (I think on the Start Something tour in '01, but I might be wrong) and it fukkn leveled me...the EP is good (and too often looked over), but this thing makes my head spin.


Daniel said...

Thanks for this. I have only heard the 10". Good people involved!!!! Check out Sharky's new band Dark Blue/Puerto Rico Flowers and Shauns' band Wet Brain!!!!!

yellow.eyes said...

Local zero, Negative Tom, had a hand in releasing the EP. And, there's also an LP that is limited to something ridiculous, like 120 copies. BUT, I did not know about this tape. Downloading and will rock this now.