01 February 2014


It was absolutely fantastic popping this baby in and letting the memories roll. Countless times my drunk ass (mentally) thrashed around the room blasting BOMBENALARM's Mötorcharged DBeat hardcore punk - every element is so perfectly presented that it's tempting to assume that they were making calculated (and successful) strikes. Imagine a combination of crushing European crust, Swedish DBeat and Japanese hardcore that still sounds urgent and important...that's exactly what BOMBENALARM were in the early '00s. Their demo graced these e-pages in The Escape's infancy, and this cassette from Fuck Yoga delivers their EP and LP (from '04 and '05, respectively). "Destination Fucked Up" was one of the jams of the year in 2004...yeah, it's so good that it still kicks everyone's ass a decade later.

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Anonymous said...

you can still find this record in some record store's dollar bins around the bay! how people don't like that great song??? destinaatioooonnn fuuuucked uuup!

malaka! ;)