09 February 2014


Sometimes bands come around and everyone says they are real good and I figure that I'll get around to getting into them eventually so I snag the records based on recommendations from The People I Trust and then they...they just kinda get filed away because I got into something else. Or I had to work. Or I went on tour and got juiced on a bunch of bands I played with. It's not that I'm proud of this shortcoming, and I freely admit that bands I am friends with and/or have done shows for in the past have fallen victim to what is either my short attention span or the maximization of input, but it's a fact that I'm also not exactly ashamed of. KYKLOOPIEN SUKUPUUTTO were one of those bands, I even fukkn saw them on their 2010 US tour, but I was "working" and couldn't soak it in. My loss. But I've been making up for lost time this week celebrating their vinyl output (I kept the records - I knew their day would come) and this absolute ripper from 2004 (also released by the band as a CDr demo). You can describe it simply as Finnish hardcore if you like, and you wouldn't necessarily be wrong, but these dudes are just so damn fast, and the vaguely ramshackle quality to the drums gives the whole recording such a wild vibe. The best breakdown you will hear all day ("Sivustakatselija") fumbles into the one midtempo track, "Itsekkyyttä Itsesuojelua," which sounds almost Swedish but it's just too damaged and and abrasive. These nine songs will absolutely kick your ass. I may be late to the party, but I'll show up eventually...and fortunately for me, this one is still raging.

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