04 February 2014


I remember a dude from this band hanging around shows we played and put on in Upper Haight in the mid/late '90s, which was weird to us because he had purportedly been in ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT who were obviously a real band, and this was the area where the mutants that no one really gave a shit about spent their time. Rarely did anyone who was actually cool play at Nightbreak (don't get me wrong, heaps of cool bands played there, just not bands that were "cool," if you get the difference...and ASSFORT and GAIA were obvious exceptions), so it was random and curious that this guy would come to our mutant shows occasionally and hand out a few tapes every now and then. The dude was chill...and if memory serves, very tall. I eventually saw DEFACE and it was exactly what I expected: old(er) bros (at the time that probably meant 30 or so) trying to adapt their meat and 'taters US hardcore into raging DBeat. I'm not saying it didn't work, I'm just saying that the end result was probably not what they intended. The honest simplicity is refreshing today - not trying to be more over the top, more chaotic or more insane, just bashing the shit out of some riffs and being pissed as hell, all things I can absolutely get behind. I'm pretty sure DEFACE only managed two EPs, each containing a couple of these tracks, DRI crashing headlong into DISCHARGE.

I will show you no emotion...

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