03 February 2014


Paul gave me this banger last summer, and a quick peep at the personnel involved left no doubt that EXIT ORDER would be every bit as screaming as they are. The first thing you notice is that fukkn guitar - so totally tortured and adversely affected, but a tone expertly crafted by people who still understand the power of a riff (or even [gasp] a song), all of the hooks are there, and they are all in your face...they just sound like they are coming from Jupiter. Positively maniacal drums bash out a flurry of UK82 by way of DBeat and erratic methamphetamine abuse and the pace is pure power. Vocals are perfectly out of place, half shouted/half whined and coming off more like GR'UPS than anything riddled with studs and obscure '80s Euro hardcore patches, but oh man does it ever work. Reinventing the reinvented wheel? 

You're a pretty one...aren't you?

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Anonymous said...

show me your hands,what did you touch...figured as much! hard driving, so many digs, early Husker Du esque., cant stop listening to the demo. too bad suffered an audio death at death by audio bc noa mixa the sounda....you are a pretty one.