23 February 2014


It's hard to tell if the forceful guitar melodies or the powerfully determined vocals are the focal point of this demo, but they work together from start to finish. And while those might be the first things you notice, it could be the rhythm section that makes NERVOUS TREND so completely indispensable. Rarely does a band work so well as a unit, and this one kinda demands to be listened to over and over. This is easily one of my favorite demos from 2013, and I will listen to it more than most demos that come out in 2014...the internet seems to already think they are awesome, and this time I'd say the internet is right, but if you're late to the party then do yourself a favor. 


Harpo said...

Excellent post. I came across this band a few weeks ago and just happened to check your blog today to see it posted here as well. Here's a streaming page to listen to it.


I recommend checking out Infinite Void if you like this. Here's a link to my blog.


Luddy Sr. said...

Great stuff!! thanks.