20 February 2014


I sincerely hope that PROTESTER evolve from a one man studio project into a functioning band, because the thought of perhaps seeing this live gets me pretty fukkn juiced. If you like hardcore, then you need this in your life. Now. Aside from that, all I can say is that I want more.


Derek Navardauskas said...

They do play live! Saw them in Chicago in December. Connor who does everything on the recordings sings live and has a full band.

Anonymous said...

Protester was never a one man band, Public Suicide is the one man project with Robin from Protester.


Anonymous said...

Says "Protester was never a one man band" and then links to a site that says "All music written and performed by Connor."

Anonymous said...

Yes, Connor from Abuse wrote all the material, but not performed Live in front of an audience alone by him.