18 February 2014


A 1988 Peel Session from this STUPIDS offshoot, recorded off of the radio with plenty of commentary from Mr. Peel himself. Four tracks (including a bad edit in the middle of "Baby" that I cleaned up as best I could) of high energy melodic late '80s punk, the UK answer to Minneapolis or DC post-hardcore. Versions of three tunes are available on SINK vinyl releases (of which there are several), but I can't seem to find "Rebegin" anywhere else...suitable that it's the best track then, eh? As for why Pete Rose is on the cover? Your guess is as good as mine.


Vince said...

this is their 1st peel session, recorded 1987-12-06 & broadcasted on dec 14th

Harmonious Dischord said...

Shit, good to hear this but I was hoping this was the 21.8.88 session with the totally great version of Birthday Song! Anyone help me out?

Also, anyone out there have copies of Victims Family, Drive (UK) and Rhythm Pigs sessions? The latter is killer and my copy is a bit ropey.