14 February 2014


The first ARTIMUS PYLE tour in 1998 was with these Bristol maniacs. A quick trip to the Northwest that included a hallucinogen laced weekend in Tenino, Washington, the undeniably dark combination of methamphetamine and a lightbulb, and a show in a marina community center in Eureka, California. What can I say, we knew how so show foreigners a good time. MUCKSPREADER's style was probably a little much for late '90s West Coast, especially with the ex-AMEBIX billing (they shared a drummer) that brought out miniscule hoards of proto-oogles simply yearning for Arise in the flesh. What they got instead was a group of true freaks bashing out mid tempo aural dystopia. Disjointed and manic and vaguely metallic mid tempo dirges interrupted by bursts of demented hardcore ("Original Sin" is the standout in this category) and samples. The band was real, even if this country wasn't ready for them. I'm ready now.

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