13 February 2014


Absolutely fierce '80s hardcore from New Jersey. Noise freaks note the guitar, thrash fiends dig the relentless all out attack, and hardcore maniacs get pumped on the breakdowns. So far ahead of their time (but somehow still a few years too late, no?), 1987 has never sounded so good. I'm serious, kids, this shit will turn you out. You think you are pissed? Get into "Kill Or Die," "Taste My Gun," "Fuck Your Mind Again" or the title track...you aren't alone. Six demo tracks and nine live stunners, mandatory listening for thrashers, punks and bangers.


Devil Dick said...

dude!!!!!!! where in the fuck did you get this from? this is my band and i don't even have a proper copy like this!!! please email me @ solacetom AT aol DOT com and let me know if its for sale!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?? i need this for my archives!!!

Tommy Southard

Devil Dick said...

i could also trade so other old school SD shit from my archives for this!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

One of the best from the NJ scene. They are back together and playing gigs around NJ/NY

the wizard said...

I borrowed this gem from a friend, so I'm afraid it's not mine to give, but the jams it contains are fukkn ill!