07 February 2014


Look, I already know that posting a 70+ minute noise compilation is a sure fire way to get most of my legion to move the fukk on to whatever other internetting you do to waste your workday (and good job on that day wasting, by the way - your boss is probably an ass and you probably don't get paid enough anyway, so fukk 'em). But for the more adventurous, for the hungry, for the curious, I give you the 2011 Christmas Tree Tape. From TANGERINE DREAM-esque ambiance to bizarre electronic tape manipulations, this compilation had me hooked immediately. Sequenced with care, even the more terrorizing efforts (DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN, THE DAVID RUSSELL SNAKE, 56K, DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE) are palatable when presented between minimal synth (WATCHWORD, TUSCO TERROR, TOUCH SCREEN, RADIO PEOPLE) and some seriously transcendent other worldy shit (OUTER SPACE, COAGULATOR, HEADBOGGLE, MOTH CLOCK). Favorites for these ears are HOWLAND RUSSELL (sparse and brilliant minimal techno), LESLIE KEFFER (analog synths pulsing like mad, "Caves, Finally" is mesmerizing), and TROGPITE (somewhere between early CONTROLLED BLEEDING and late '80s Wax Trax Records fodder reproduced 16rpm, if this doesn't trip you out in the dark then your mind is perhaps made of steel). ALLEY VISION, QUICKSAILS, and COLLAPSED ARC round out a well designed collection...those of you who take the plunge will be justly rewarded. As it should be.

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Turbo Jorgensen said...

Thanks for posting stuff like this. I can only listen to so much oi! and hardcore (a lot apparently) before I need a palate cleansing. Good job. Good blog.