19 February 2014


Two songs from an antiquated (and dilapidated) tape with QUOD MASSACRE on one side and these former Yugoslavian street punk masters. That's the good news. The bad news is that the tape snapped after these two tracks...but sometimes when the songs are this good, two is enough. I should probably look to Matt for context and/or history, as all I can discern is that this is probably the same band responsible for a couple of passable releases in the late '00s...


dule.klc said...

this 2 songs are from 1984 demo
here is full demo (released on ep 1995)
i put it on youtube
2 Minuta Mržnje - Došao Je Kraj EP 1995

Anonymous said...

first song is Zašto? (Why?)
second one is Terorizam protiv dosade
(Terrorism Against Boredom)

jebač mamare said...

yes, they put few nonsense albums in recent years, that got nothing to connect em with original band.