08 February 2014


Ominous and hostile, Houston's STAGNANT YOUTH bring worlds of warcrust and relentless UK metalpunk crashing into each other with unparalleled force. Fronted by deep, gravelly vocals and seasoned with Swedish leads, these kids make it clear that they using familiar elements to create a sound that is wholly theirs. What if S.H.I.T. relied on fearsome power instead of affected guitars and reverb (to be clear, that was not meant as a dis on S.H.I.T. in any way)? What if PROXY skipped the leads, kept the hooks and then played crust? I could easily pick apart my favorite moments on this stellar demo (the half time finish of "Shameful" would be near the top of the list), but the transition from "Invasion" into "Reign" is just a few steps short of Word As Law-era NEUROSIS without seeming remotely contrived, and when that transition is over...? You're moshing.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes your descriptions are mesmerizing!!!

the wizard said...

It's because I keep recycling the same adjectives. What can I say? They are damn good adjectives.