12 February 2014


I'm not really sure how to compartmentalize these kids, but I snagged the demo a few months ago and I keep coming back to it when I need something different. It might help to start by mentioning that they are from the college town of Davis (between San Francisco and Sacramento, and somehow isolated from the perceived coolness of one and the defining narcotics of both), though a simple point on a map does not even begin to capture the vibe set by this tape.  ENNUI TRUST play what is essentially noise rock, rooted in the guitar driven bands of the late '80s (I'm talking Homestead, Blast First and later SST), tweaked in just the right way (maybe they didn't stay away from those drugs after all) and the singer's snarl is absolutely legit, like a hardcore guy who got asked to sing for some dudes who loved FLIPPER but are trying to get all adult but the singer guy keeps dragging them into the dirt and enveloping them in their own roots. There's plenty of lumbering guitar antics, but it's all weird instead of pretentious, as if DETENTION or CRUCIFUCKS took over the first SCRATCH ACID record. Standout tracks are "Patrol" and "Human Baggage," but then "It's Official" dishes awkward hooks that bring to mind a filthy incarnation of EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING, and I wonder if maybe that is what they are going for? If nothing else, I am intrigued.

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