11 February 2014


I picked this one up blind based solely on the presentation, then I completely submitted to the sounds and let them sink in. A dark collision of '80s goth and ambient music with distant dreams of industrial depression that never quite set in, all while predating synth heavy bleak beauty that would evolve out of black metal. Moments of "In Command Of Constellations" are perfect recreations of '80s dark dance floor brilliance, but this release is far deeper than such a casual comparison would suggest. Orchestral elements seep in through tracks like "The Precision In Drowning," but it's with the weight of Barber, crushing in its gorgeous simplicity. For fans of CLOCK DVA, BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE, those who celebrate Pornography as the greatest record by THE CURE, and anyone losing the battle for meaning - The Grey Subaudible is nearly an hour of sounds bookended by walls of noise.

NOTHING is the creation of J. William W. (current AGALLOCH bassist and prolific solo artist). This 2000 recording was initially released on CD, but was re-issued in 2012 on cassette by the very impressive Nostalgium Directive. 

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