01 December 2010


Who knew Budapest could deliver the goods like this? First it was the RAKOSI demo that Lengua Armada slapped on wax, and then Spencer dropped this bomb down my pants when I wasn't looking. After that 7 1/2 minute explosion left me in dire need of new drawers I dropped these kids a line and got the go ahead to share these jams with you - so dig in. NINPULATORS fire on all cylinders: heavy US influence // lots of midpaced burners // a sense of urgency that reminds me of the great '90s Umeå shits (and no, I don't mean REFUSED, I never fukkn understood why people liked that crap - I'd rather just listen to SNAPCASE). NINPULATORS are about two clicks away from being your favorite band.


138 said...

What other great 90’s shit from UÅHC was there?!

the wizard said...

um...besides your band?

138 said...

Well, that goes without saying.