02 December 2010


 Austin's SYRANAX formed in 83/84 and spewed forth a sinister assault unparalleled by any band of their era. Their second demo, 1987's Annihilation Of Civilization, is more evil than SLAYER, and more ferocious than C.O.C. at their most primitive - 21 minutes of sheer madness. RIGOR MORTIS is a logical comparison, both for their Texas roots and their face melting speed picking. The Battalion Of Death demo from 1985 featured a different singer (and many of these same songs, and a more polished recording), but the addition of Steve "Skullhead" Holland gave SYRANAX an intensity that they had only hinted at before. Plus, the original singer and bassist left the band to join the military, and the first singer was a cop as of 2002, so I'll stick with a dude named Skullhead. This is primitive and raw thrash metal at it's absolute finest.

In addition to the eight songs listed on the demo, my tape has a Nightmare On Elm Street promo, followed by an unlisted 2:32 rager - don't know what it's called but it's better than any song on the demo...except possibly "Nuclear Fate," but I'm splitting hairs here...just rock this shit. 



ive heard this band are white supremacists or there is anothere band by the same name.

Anonymous said...

Well, they split up in 1987, so they aren't anything anymore. I think it's pretty dangerous to start throwing "I heard...." without giving any information to back it up. I have never heard of this band before today, but a quick search reveals an interview from 2002 with no overt (or subtle) political idealogy, and there are plenty of flyers showing Syranax playing shows with politically inclined, left leaning band.
Unless Slaughter Of has any ACTUAL information other than rumors and suspicions, then it seems quite unfair to throw out the WP tag, and diminishes the legitimacy of allegations leveled at bands who deserve it.
In other words: if they were nazis, then prove it and fuck them. If they weren't, or you have zero evidence that they were, then back off the finger pointing.

Also, this demo totally slays. Thanks for the post!
Cheers, Bryan.

Anonymous said...

they weren't nazi, by then thrash metal didn't have any ideology (even the satanist ideology was more a joke than a real attitude), it all started when the black metal began to boom, one or two yeaars later. Great demo indeed. I also have their second tape too. I know they have some rehearsals and live tapes around though i never found any.

The Boo said...

Well put Bryan. This is great raw thrash - reminds me of Cryptic Slaughter. Killer vokills!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reuopload!