30 December 2010


I was struck by this one almost immediately, something about these movements completely sucked me in. Four sparse and instrumental dark wave pieces with a guitar that spends most of it's time lurking in the shadows, but lurches into the forefront with sporadic and spasmodic outbursts. The cassette came with no song titles (there's been a lot of that lately), so I emailed to try to get a little more information...which I didn't get. What I did get was a different version of Track 01, with added samples - mesmerizing. 

It's amazing how powerful such simple recordings can be; clearly the inspiration, execution and presentation are far more important than a huge recording budget, often more important than great riffs, and more meaningful than a whole truckload of hype. The first three tracks here are Side 01 of the tape, and the 12 minute dirge on the flipside will make you feel like you are on drugs. Also included is the aforementioned remix of Track 01, thanks to Soren for that song and for the additional cover scans.

As a final endorsement, ROSENKOPF feature the vocalist from QUESTION, and can be contacted here: sorenroi57(at)gmail(dot)com



mikxxx said...

she is the almighty saira, also fro detestation
waiting for this one
thanx a lot

Meatbreak said...

This is awesome.

Anonymous said...

goth week is the best thing since raw punk mondays. all of this stuff is good but super hard to top that bellicose minds tape you posted a while back.


Man , you just keep supplying us with killer demos after killer demos!! Best blog? Up there for sure!!

Wondering if you would object me posting some of the stuff I've gotten from ya? Random Axe of Terror for example? Nothing you've posted recently and it wouldnt be alot and it would be sporadic. Of course, I'd tell em where I found it!!
Let me know!

the wizard said...

Go nuts Sean - it's all meant to be shared, just send folks my way if they want more, and keep up the good work on your end as well!
Cheers - Robt.

Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

Great post thanks!

warseme said...

I read people stoke Saira's past punx projects everytime she starts a new band, but no fuckers mention her that she played guitar for Atrocious Madness. !!!

Rosenkopf is awesome!

Be excellent.

the wizard said...