03 December 2010


Toronto was kicking in the mid '00s (still is, really), with piles of great bands. I was there a few times - not nearly often enough - and had the pleasure of seeing most of the bands on this tape either there or in the states (living in the Midwest does indeed have it's privileges, and a close proximity to our Northern Neighbors is near the top of the list). Distort Toronto goes from catchy and melodic punk (BAYONETTES) to new hardcore influenced by old hardcore (TERMINAL STATE, CAREER SUICIDE) to sweet sweet pummeling (SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL, THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE) and then wraps up with tracks from THE WASTERS and CAPITAL DEATH (who are from Nova Scotia, if you're keeping track).  Some of these tracks are rawer than the bands'
 appearances on wax, but that's what fukkn tapes are for - and 30 minutes of Canadian punk is what this Friday is for. 

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