22 December 2010


Andrash from M.O.A.B. released this split back in 2005, when he still lived in Jakarta, and gave me a copy a few weeks back in Long Beach (thank you).  BATTLE OF DISARM should need no introduction...even 5 years ago they were decade-plus veterans of the (very small) Japanese anarcho/DIY crust scene. A rampaging, fist in the air attack with gutteral vocals - quintessential crust. Indonesia's SATELLITE are a rawer, more primitive version of the same animal, and there's something about their simplistic approach (whether by design or by default) that I am an absolute sucker for. I saw SATELLITE in 2008, and they fukkn owned the top floor of some restaurant in Jakarta - even after a dozen bands I was floored (actually, most of the bands that night ruled...MORTAL KOMBAT, STRAIGHT AHEAD, GLADIATORS, STRAIGHT ON VIEW and more - a fukkn great night), but this 2005 version is younger and even more naïve than the band that I saw, and it works in their favor. A first and third world Asian crust collision.

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Zak said...

Sweeeeet!I'm still a sucker for the crust. Thanks!