27 December 2010


Blown out maniacal noise punks from Arizona, these kids have done their time worshipping at the downtuned grinding crust altar, but decided to shove the whole mix into a distorted meat grinder and pick the tempo up to achieve maximum city (that's ferocity and velocity). Add in obvious nods to Bristol, Stockholm and Japan, and you have a total juggernaut. Taken from two separate sessions in late 2007, ROTOZAZA were on the front swell of the high end/high intensity wave that is cresting simultaneously in all corners of the world...


ROTOZAZA said...

Thanks for posting this. If anyone would like to download ANY/ALL of our past releases (noise, words, art) for free: nuclearcicada.blogspot.com

or, get in touch for physical copies, shirts, etc... We're also selling a new tape containing roughly half of our upcoming LP, recorded last year.



ROTOZAZA said...

Side A of this tape has just been re-released on vinyl as the "TL/WS EP".

350 copies pressed w/ hand silk screened covers+inserts. Handsome packaging for thrashing polemics.

Wholesale available and encouraged.