19 December 2010


I got this gem in the mail from my pal Ross a while back. Ross operates the killer but seldom updated Oklahoma centered Trapped In Oklahoma blog, as well as Some Fvcking Attitude, upon which I could level the same double edged compliment/complaint sword. Ross has good taste, and I was not the least bit surprised when this tape was pleasing to my ears. Insistent punk rock with shrill female gang vocals - more than a little reminiscent of lots of jerky '90s bands - not the ones that were jerks, but the ones that make you want to gyrate in a rapid and furious manner....I think they call it "dancing," but as an old man, I am not allowed to partake anymore. I just stand in the back and hope no one calls the cops about the weird greying beard lurking in the shadows feigning interest in what all the kids are up to. 

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i hate being old standing in the back watching the band but from time to time i do go up front.