26 December 2010


First up, from 1991, three songs of slightly melodic and wholly powerful Japanese hardcore from SUBRACHO DUBRACHO. Hoarse blown out vocals, speed picking and infectious riffs - solid shit.

I'm not sure what happened, though you can hear shades of this demo creeping out of "Cold World" from the first tape, but it's hard to imagine a band changing this drastically in just a year. Gone is any sense of anger, and bubble gum pop is in its place. I do appreciate the melody from DK's "Winnebago Warrior" used so blatantly in the first tune, but otherwise this takes some getting used to. They are great at the style, and I like Austin's GOMEZ as much as the next guy (and probably more than the next guy after that), but I just can't see how this band (d)evolved so damn fast.  Three songs here as well, recorded in 1992.

They came to me on one cassette, and it seemed wrong to split them up...so please enjoy.

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