09 December 2010


Nagoya's OUT OF TOUCH predated the wave of retro punk/thrash worship by a solid decade, and this 1991 demo shows them in their most gloriously primitive state. Reinterpreting US punk and hardcore/thrash crossover through Japanese ears, these kids rip through ten killers on their ridiculously limited demo (is 20 copies really a demo? I think it's more of a gift for your friends, 'cause no one else is gonna hear that shit). It's funny to think of OUT OF TOUCH as kids, but in a Japanese scene dominated by DEMOLITION, RUSTLER, ZONE, NIGHTMARE and DEATHSIDE, OUT OF TOUCH were certainly the newcomers. 18 years after this demo was recorded, the singer served me a delicious vegan picnic in the rain not far from the Nagoya train station...Hidehito is a very nice man.


Hardcore Por Vida said...

cool blog. i've linked you on mine, do you think you can link mine too? i just started it a few days ago.



i'm sharing this info with all bloggers the government has just started a cycber police force to stop people from sharing music.so watch what you post if you think it has a Copyright don't post it i'm going to be removing a bunch of stuff cus i don't want to get sued or worse there gonna crack down on us all next year i don't want to see anyone get fucked.

gloom666 said...

these guys toured the states in the 90's with Power Of Idea. good times