20 December 2010


It's Monday...do I really need to keep describing this shit? Noisy and raw hardcore punk from LONG PIGS, lots of high end and what appears to be a fukk-off punk attitude (something I support in my music). I snagged this at the ill fated MAUSER show in SF last week, no contact info, no song titles, just punk.


Anonymous said...

hey beardo- these dudes are from NYC, continuing our long-standing tradition of upping the punx.

miss you and K!!


Andrew TSKS said...

Pretty sure this is the same demo that got posted by icoulddietomorrow here: http://icoulddietomorrow.blogspot.com/2010/10/bung-and-beyond.html

The song titles are in that post, along with some info about the band and the bands they're affiliated with.

-kevin said...

Okay but did you buy the Mauser 7"?

Anonymous said...

Mediocre at best.

fucko said...

i know you are, but what are they?